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Chaise suspendue Renoir Swing by Sika-Design


J'ai choisi ce siège, non seulement parce que je trouve son esthétique/design intéressant, un peu sauvage, naturel; mais surtout parce qu'il est délicieusement confortable: j'aimerai le recevoir en cadeau !

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Juste arrivée : nous la suspendons !

598.00 CHF


The Originals-collection is a collection inspired by our own design sketches as well as other successful models from the 1950’s and the 1960’s. Our skilled workers craft each piece of rattan furniture by hand. The rattan used is grown in the Indonesian forests and regenerate within 5-7 years and it transforms CO2 into clean air. Beside some of these amazing qualities, rattan is a very beautiful natural resource.
It is possible to buy cushions in A and B-fabric. 3 weeks delay for production of the cushions.

Cushion in B-fabric: 110 euro + vat

Cushion in A-fabric: 140 euro + vat 

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