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Rafraîchisseur KYWIE Wine COOLER


KYWIE wine cooler is made of 100% natural TEXEL sheepskin. Counter intuitive as it may be, this cooler keeps COOL! Better than any other material in the world (other than ice). The fine woolen interior is a natural BIO-INSULATOR and traps (cold) air inside the cooler. Result: pre-chilled wine cold 4 hours.

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C'est ici et maintenant l'apéro !

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It is lightweight and foldable, protects your bottle and fits in your hand perfectly. Convenient for at home and on the go. A smart birthday gift, for everybody, original and lasting.

KYWIE camel wine cooler is the original. Our journey started here..

Nous avons compléter notre sélection par le ROUGE ! pour l'apéro suisse ;-) et un "Blush pink" pour les Dames: elles apprécient souvent le rosé ?!

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Rafraîchisseur KYWIE Wine COOLER

Rafraîchisseur KYWIE Wine COOLER