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Cabinlite DELITE lampe murale à pétrole



Pièce unique de DELITE DK Cabinlite est notre dernier exemplaire de cette collection. Lampe murale, en inox brossé, avec sa cheminée. Design et production de qualité au Danemark.

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Dernière pièce de notre stock.

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The Cabinlite is a modern stainless steel oil lamp for mounting on the wall.

Technical specifications:
The 10’’’ circular burner emits about 8 “light watts” and about 220watts of heat.
Material is stainless steel except circular burner made of nickel plated brass. Volume of oil container 0,14 liters. Burning time about 8 hours.
Height 343mm. Depth from wall to magnet knob is only 76mm.
Width 92mm. Weight 1kg (without oil).
Lamp glass is heat resistant and dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass.

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Peter Seidelin Jessen, the designer, is widely known for his contemporary nautical oil lamps. 

The Cabinlite is his 2009 creation. The Cabinlite is a modern stainless steel lamp. It emits a light of a particular, cosy and warm quality in your ship’s cabin. The Cabinlite marks a new generation of oil lamps as it is replacing the traditional and old-fashioned bulky style with a slim and Scandinavian design.

The greatest challenge designing this lamp was the wall mount. The goal being to make it simple and easy to mount, but also to keep the lamp as close to the wall as possible. The result is a strong wall mount with an appealing look and a surprisingly simple construction. The lamp itself - cylindrical, tubular design - is also very simple. 

The lamp glass being held by an O-ring makes it easy to dismount and put back in place when lighting the lamp. The circular burner being integrated in the central part of the lamp offers three advantages all in one:
The sensitive burner is well protected. The opening of the oil reservoir is comfortably wide so as to make the filling of it as easy as pouring yourself a drink. Last not least we achieve a very attractive slim design!

The Cabinlite swings round an axis at right angles to the wall. The bushes for the suspensions in the wall mount are thermoplastic causing a slightly reduced and completely noiseless movement.

The cabin wall lamp gives an excellent light with its medium-sized circular burner.

As a very special feature the lamp is fastened to the wall mount with a magnet! If you wish to detach the lamp from the wall, simply pull the knob in front and dismount the lamp. The knob fixing the lamp to the wall mount is adorned with a “delite” copper badge - our guarantee that you see a quality product before you!


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