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Support à brosse-à-dents by Flamant

Flamant Belgique



Collection permanente d'accessoires de salle-de-bain de la marque Flamant. Classique, élégante.

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Dans l'espace Salle de bains !

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Nous livrons à vélo dans un rayon de 5km autour de Morges.

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A coordonner avec les crochets, patères, porte-habits, pot-à-coton ou porte-savons...

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Support à brosse-à-dents by Flamant

Support à brosse-à-dents by Flamant


It is our belief that in an ever evolving and hectic world with very little time for contemplation, the need for shelter, comfort and a feeling of warmth and security is of important value. Flamant embraces this need and offers genuine products that create the warm ambiance of a true home.

In creating this atmosphere, a handmade quality and appearance is of the highest importance. Flamant has its products crafted all around the globe, relying on a broad and assorted network of local artisan workshops. Therefore we source the best artificers in metalworking, woodwork, glassware, textiles and other crafts.

Each Flamant product has a unique story and is the result of a journey of inspiration and creation, of a remarkable gathering of ideas of the Flamant team and local artisans. Century old techniques thereby get modern applications, combining traditional craft and modern design, to result in charismatic pieces with a timeless quality.

Flamant allows you to surround yourself with beautiful objects that offer pleasure and a feeling of belonging. Flamant interiors engage to take time to enjoy the simple things in life. Through the use of the best materials and craftsmen, a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for timeless design our products breathe authenticity and soul.