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Coffre banc en teck by Kircodan Danemark OUTDOOR


Magnifique coffre ! Nous avons choisi ce banc-coffre, rangement et assise, pour la qualité de sa fabrication, de ses bois, de ses détails et de ses courbes. Il existe un grand modèle (XXL : 135x51x53cm / 40kg) et un petit (Small : 71x41x43cm). Rangement de coussins sur une terrasse, de couvertures ou édredon dans une chambre, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour les détails.

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En savoir plus

Our superior designs are fashioned from expensive raw materials worked with traditional skills and techniques using modem machinery. Therefore, quality and finish is part of our bond. Only the finest materials are used, not just the wood itself but also hardware of solid brass. Cushions and fabrics are made of cotton or acrylic materials with non inflammable foams. Our furniture is untreated, because most customers prefer it this way. If the furniture is left outside throughout all seasons it will develop a silvery-grey patina which actually helps protect the wood. 
But furniture, which is left outside, does get dirty from air pollution, algae etc. Therefore, it should be cleaned at least twice a year in soap water, and for heavily polluted furniture we recommend using cleaner. If you wish to recreate as much as possible of the fresh teak colour you may do so either by a light sanding or, even more easily, by treatment with KIRCODAN BASIS CLEANER. If the furniture is kept under cover it patinates much more slowly; but all wood fades with time when exposed to light. A deeper golden colour can be obtained by regular treatment with KIRCODAN TEAK OIL.

Our extension tables should not be left outside in rainy weather. If these tables get wet, the pull out mechanism may jam, even though we have added extra tolerance in the groove guides to absorb wood expansion. They will work again when the timber dries out.

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