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Big Bubble of HAPPINESS

J'ai envie de jouer, de buller, de créer ces immenses bulles, que j'avais découvertes il y a quelques années en Nouvelle-Zélande. Voici un set : 1L de Bubble liquide + les 2 baguettes magiques qui vont me permettre d'essayer ce week-end : Tuban Bubble Blowing Set : 2 Sticks + Bubble Liquid

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Envie de ces méga belles bulles !

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C'est dans l'adversité que nait la créativité. Boutique-à-la-maison, nouveau concept K-LINE, suite à la résiliation de bail de notre propriétaire et la fermeture de K-LINE Morges. Bienvenue à Colombier !

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2xTuban Giant Bubble Sticks (50 cm) + 1L liquide - en provenance de Pologne - un jeu pour les enfants et les adultes

Children look at the world in a unique way because they are sincere and curious. Their world, like soap bubbles, is colorful and delicate. And we, just like children - just love this bubble world. If sometimes you have a lack of ideas for your children not to be bored and don't know how to turn their free time into fun, use our hint :) Watching the flying bubbles, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, will take us to a carefree world... We know that soap bubbles can bring a lot of fun to children, so we offer a high quality liquid and accessories that can be used to create real bubble masterpieces. With the soap bubble accessories that Tuban offers, it will become really easy! In our shop you will find the best quality products: small bubble liquid, ideal to refill children's toys, e. g. guns, wheels, small soap bubble generators and liquid for large bubbles. The liquid has been created for years based on a carefully refined recipe, maintaining all safety standards. The choice of fluid is very important - its quality affects bubble life, elasticity, size and color. Tuban bubble liquid is recommended for both home and professional use, for event animators. Soap bubbles are one of those things that keep children and adults entertained. This kind of fun is perfect for kinderballs, birthdays, but also for kindergarten and family celebrations such as weddings and baptisms. Soap bubbles can make every party more enjoyable and - most importantly - you don't have to be an expert to create them. We try to be children as long as possible.   


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