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Poncho de bain 1-10ans



Un poncho en éponge avec 2 oreilles ! Trop mignon. Un cadeau de naissance élégant je trouve !

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Si doux !

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The small children are quick on their moves and you may have only one second to dress them up after the bath. The Poncho Towel is perfect for the little family members as it is easy to dress up and it stays on even when running and jumping around. The children just love to hide their secret small belongings into the handy pockets and the hood with the teddybear ears make them smile. The Poncho Towel is part of the beloved Your Home – Your Spa bathing collection, which is made of the our super-soft, fluffy and water-absorbent signature cotton towel material. First class Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees no harmful substances are used in the production. Fun, pampering and practical gift idea for toddlers and small children.

Poncho Towels for 1-10 years

  • Design in Finland
  • Made in Turkey
  • Size: 1-5 years: Height 55cm, width 60cm 5-10 years: Height 65cm, width 60cm
  • Material: 100% soft and absorbent low-twist cotton, 450 g/m2
  • Certificate: Öko-Tex, no harmful substances
  • Care instructions:
    • Wash  your towels in 60 degrees before using them to maximize absorbency
    • Please note that the towel may release some lint during the first few washes
    • Use a tumble-dryer  if possible
    • Avoid using fabric softener,  as it reduces the absorbency


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