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One World Interiors is an importer and wholesaler of furniture, lighting, tribal art, architectural elements and unique decorative accessories that add a natural, rustic or ethnic feel to interiors.

Our collection is found in various parts of the world and is a mix of old and unique pieces and items that are made especially for us by small to medium-scale producers. We avoid the mainstream paths and travel further than others to find the most attractive decorative pieces.


Our products are handmade with craftsmanship and dedication, in some cases based on centuries old traditions. When available, we prefer to work with natural or recycled materials. Our designers work year-round to create new designs and to assist our suppliers in improving production techniques. We spend days on factory floors to get the right quality and finishing.

There is a story to each One World Interiors product and we love to tell it. Share our passion and bring life into your interiors!


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