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Raumgestalt designs, produces and markets beautifully shaped articles intended both for use and appreciation.

We wish for more sensuousness in this world and aim to oppose whatever is hasty and noisy in our daily surrounding. Through the language of our products we realize an environment of simplicity and clarity. Concentration and calmness are the qualities which reside in all our products. They speak for themselves with the conviction the materials provide – omitting superfluous decoration. 

Our products create an environment of inspiration for you to be creative yourselves. 

Raumgestalt invites to create your own living space.

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  • Little ship dish / Petit bateau Little ship dish / Petit bateau
    SOLDES : les articles ne sont ni repris ni échangés.

    Little ship

    SN 10/11/12

    Petit bateau en porcelaine blanche, idéal pour savons, sels de bain ; mais aussi pour la table avec des olives ? porte-savon ou plat.

    17.40 CHF 29.00 CHF -40%
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