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Fauteuil Butterfly en peau de mouton GREY ICELAND de CUERO


Une peau unique, une couleur exceptionnelle pour ce fauteuil BUTTERFLY de Cuero en Suède. Une largeur qui offre un confort parfait quelque soit votre corpulence ! Et c'est l'essentiel VOTRE confort non ? A essayer en boutique, avec un châssis métal chromé ou noir. Au choix ! c'est facile de ne changer que le châssis et adapter une assise, une peau de mouton UNIQUE non ?

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Only one in a hundred sheep are born with a natural grey colour on Iceland. This colour is the result of a rare mutation between between the black and the white Icelandic sheep. Each CUERO chair becomes unique, with its own exciting pattern of colours. You will find yourself staring at your Butterfly Chair, enjoying evey perfect imperfection that Mother Nature has to offer.

You are looking at one of the finest butterfly chairs in the world

Few people have had the privilege of experiencing the soft and warm feel of a real Icelandic lambskin. The fact that you were drawn to this product means that you have an excellent eye for superior quality.

We carefully select only the very best Icelandic sheepskin.

Only natural coloured sheepskin are used, making each chair unique.

This butterfly chair has been specially developed for extra comfort

A Swedish entrepreneur named Lars Kjerstadius came across a classical Argentinian design. The Butterfly Chair consisted of leather and steel and was originally thought of as a fusion between craftsmanship and industrial production. Lars’ admiration for this beautiful design and concept led him to dedicate ten years of his life to improving its comfort and style.

The result was The Swedish Butterfly Chair; a modern take on the classical masterpiece.

This butterfly chair is larger and wider than the average butterfly chair on the market. It is therefore extremely comfortable.

Height: 92 cm Width: 87 cm Depth: 86 cm

Weight: 12 kg

100% Natural Lambskin.


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