Pyjama barboteuse turquoise Agrandir

Pyjama barboteuse turquoise



Sweet dreams in our soft pajamas in striped ribbed textured knits. Two-way zip for easy dressing and undressing. 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

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Tellement mignons les enfants en pyjama !

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Pyjama barboteuse turquoise

Pyjama barboteuse turquoise

Kids don’t think twice before telling you that your breath stinks, before announcing that Grandma´s food is disgusting, or before asking strangers about the red spots on their face. As annoying it may be, in many ways their brutal honesty is all part of their charm.

At Geggamoja we have no desire to change this honesty. On the contrary we feel that we adults occasionally would benefit from applying some of it to our own lives. Therefore we are committed to only make clothes in materials and designs we would love to see our own children dressed in. Rather than speculating in what may sell some five seasons ahead, we stay true to our own feelings about what’s right and what’s not, for families as well as for business.

You see, to us there is no difference between these two since we are a family business consisting of two sisters with two young families. In short: We dress. You raise.